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Message from the President

Book for 2014/15

As we keep growing from our changes over the last couple years we find our self looking at something we haven’t looked at since the market collapse in 2008. We are booking already for 2015. We keep filling in our openings for 2014 and are excited to find that clients are looking for experience over price. It seems quality is coming back in to demand more then ever and the understanding that it is more then a pc, ipod or cd play button to make an event successful. While our standards of sound, lighting, equipment and performance have never been lower it is great to know that the consumer no matter if you are brides, grooms, chairs, parents, CEO’s, CFO’s or what ever the case are now  seeing the difference between a weekend warrior with a pc and a performer with knowledge.  This growth is great and we welcome it. We will keep bring our clients the high quality entertainment to them. I am just reminded of a post a friend made on facebook the other day. Djs are like tattoos, good ones are not cheap and cheap ones are never good. I know you laugh but think about what is at risk for your event the next time someone thinks you should just go with the lowest bid.

Eddie C
Hyper Entertainment.

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